Trish Dunn is a comic ventriloquist who performs as a professional entertainer in a wide variety of venues.  She adds just that extra special twist to each event to let everyone know the show is special for them, including audience participation.  Her comedy is always clean and tailored to the audience, whether it be a comedy club, children’s event, or church convention.

Trish has a wide variety of associates she works with (also known as vent figures and puppets) that have diverse personalities that can be adapted or customized to your particular event.  Her comedy is always appropriate to the venue in which she is performing.  She has complete sets of comedy that are performed in comedy clubs and colleges that are completely clean and just adult enough to be non-offensive but hilarious to the audience.  She then takes the same characters, with a different twist on personalities and tailors the comedy to Christian and Jewish events with the same hilarious results for the audience.

Trish performs as a comic ventriloquist on stage, but also does walk around work at grand openings, malls or fairs.  She also does work with children in the form of teaching shows.  She has done customized shows to teach safety, hygiene, and Bible principals to children.