Like you, Ventriloquist/Comedian, comedy coach, comedy promoter,
and public speaker, Trish Dunn, loves to laugh and put all the stresses
of everyday life behind her. She does this by finding the funny and
abstract in everyday life. Trish believes the secret behind enjoying life
starts with laughter and good times!! What is in this magic thing
called laughter than can heal and lower blood pressure? Could we
reduce dependence on anti-depressants if we all just spent more time

With real life experiences, hardships, struggles, single parenthood, and
at times physical limitations, Trish Dunn has a real life understanding
and appreciation for just how much we all need to de-stress and
LAUGH!! She takes everyday life and situations and turns them on
their heads like no other can. She uses her “Vent Crew” aka
ventriloquist dummies, to share and say all the things we all know to
be true, but are afraid to say, with such a twist that generates roars of
laughter and creates a unique show for each audience.

Trish’s characters make such an impact that her name is forgotten as
she is sometimes referred to as that lady with the crazy old lady
puppet Agnes, or that reality TV star puppet Precious, and of course
several others. She has the ability through laughter to connect her
characters so strongly with the audience they are remembered for
months and yeas after the performance. Don’t think this ability hasn’t
gone unnoticed by members of the Vent Crew, Agnes has been quoted
as saying “Well, we all know that Trish actually has the least talent of
all us, but we probably won’t fire her, I mean, she needs us more than
we need her!!!! How can Trish make lifeless puppets so strong that
they are related to and remembered by her audiences??? Because she
has the unique ability to bring to life her characters that express real
life experiences and thoughts in a way that turns the most annoying of
situations into an event to laugh at. I guarantee there is something or
several things in each show that make you sit back and think, yeah, I
so have always wanted to say that, or complain about that!!!

Trish has performed for comedy clubs, churches, conventions, and
even opened for rock groups as a professional Ventriloquist/Comedian.
She has also had the honor to be a returning entertainer for multiple
years in a Christmas Theatre show at the GTS Theatre in Myrtle Beach
South Carolina. She has coached up and coming comedians and
ventriloquists in comedy writing, stage presence, and theatre and
stage etiquette. She founded GTown Comics, a comedy promoting and
comedy coaching group in her previous home town, Gastonia North
Carolina. She has been featured several newspapers including the
New York Times and the Gaston Gazette.

Prior to becoming a professional ventriloquist and stand up comedian
Trish worked as an accountant in Public Accounting, Private Industry,
and Manufacturing environments all while raising two sons as a single
mom. She has experienced great success and great failures in both
her professional and private life giving her a true and real life
experienced foundation for her comedy. She grew up with an
American father and an English mother spending time in both
countries giving her a unique and varied world view that enables her to
bring laughter and enjoyment to audiences on both sides of the

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