Trish Dunn is a comic Ventriloquist who has been performing in excess of ten years. She is pleased to announce that she is now an internationally performing ventriloquist performing out of Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States and performing out of Norwich, England in the UK. She is happy to provide dates on availability in both countries.

So, whats on tap and which country will Trish Dunn Comic Ventriloquist be and when??

Trish Dunn is returning to the GTS Theater, Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a second season of GTS Theaters Christmas show for the entire show season of November and December. During this time you can catch Trish in the Christmas show and she is also available for bookings that do not conflict with the theater show.

The calendar and events are filling fast. Please keep checking back to see when and where you can see Trish Dunn Comic Ventriloquist performing.

If you would like to book Trish Dunn Comic Ventriloquist, please go to the Contact page or send an email to vent@trishdunn.com.